The Fallen Kingdom

I n the last week that we have been playing minecraft, Lots of bizarre things have happened on our world. The majority of it is strange buildings and ruins. As you have seen in our previous posts, we have found plenty of temples and buildings. But who is building them? There are many people (And Things) that could be building them, like Cthulhu, Skeletron, Skeletor, Old man Lobber and I.M MEEN being examples. I think that if any of those 5 built them it would probably be I.M Meen or Cthulhu.

Now it is also possible that these are infact the ruins of a fallen kingdom that could have been ruled by herobrine or some other ghostly character.

Cthulhu rising nearby our shores. We must be ready to drive back him and his cheapskate merchants.


I.M Meen on a Warpath while calling someone a bookworm



Herobrine doing something, I think he is just staring at you or something





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  1. Spacebar November 1, 2012 at 1:09 pm #

    We haven’t seen good ol’ I.M. Meen in a long time. I wonder what he’s been up to. I bet it’s not good…

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